Last Year

As you may have gathered from “A Beginning” I am slightly “off the pace” as far as my ability to charge up hills and mountains.  In fact it is fair to say that I have no idea to what extent the damage done by my two canine companions would hinder me in attempting to do such a thing.

Last September (2015) we had a week or so of very easy hillwalks to determine how far I could push things.  I started off rather well taking “Little Bear” on the short ascent of Craig of Monievreckie (near Aberfoyle): 10

followed by a solo moorland trek to Cort ma Law in the Campsie Fells:DSCF1196_edited-1

The good run was extended taking both “Little Bear” and “Not Fit for Purpose” over Commonedge Hill and Seamab Hill above Yetts o’ Muckhart: 09

followed by the slightly more taxing ascent of Innerdownie Hill above Glenquey Reservoir in the Ochil Hills:  DSCF1389


I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how things were moving along…that is until I thought I would take both canine delinquents up my old favourite “Meikle Bin”.

Meikle Bin was ever my first port of call after a period of hillwalking downtime.  At 10km and a few hundred metres of ascent it felt a nice balance when it came to testing my current condition.  On this occasion my condition never even got a chance to be tested.  I was only 2.5km into the walk along a forestry track when things went pear-shaped.

On reflection (and with a great deal hindsight) it was a trip I should never have taken on.  The back was a bit dodgy; the dogs were excited and because we weren’t alone had to be put on leads; the pack was too heavy; it was warm and worst of all my feet seemed to be wandering about in my boots.  It is only in the past couple of months I have come to realise that these boots didn’t fit properly!  With that realisation came the the understanding of why, in October 2014, I had so many problems on the descent of Ben Lomond.  It all made sense now.  I now have new, well fitting, lightweight boots.

Over the coming months I plan to put a bit of distance and gentle ascent into the legs.  Fingers crossed that with the increased mileage the current random effects of mild sciatica in my legs and feet, which can suddenly have me hobbling, will reduce enough to allow me to target more energetic walks.

So that is my starting point…I wonder what will come next…


…hmm, maybe not.  😉









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